Purpose of Module


This is the solution booklet for the 21 examples in the Wannier90 (v2.1) Tutorial. It is a comprehensive LaTeX document that for each example describes in details the commands that need to be run and the expected outputs, with texts, plots and figures. Moreover, in the text we tried to addresses most of the issues raised by Users in the Wannier90 mailing list. This module is mostly aimed at reducing the steepness of the learning curve for new Users.

The module is part of the Wannier90 code [1].

[1]Comput. Phys. Commun. 185, 2309 (2014)

Background Information

Wannier90 source code is available from the following Git-hub repo http://github.com/wannier-developers/wannier90, which contains the official repository. Documentation about the source code is done via FORD, an online version of this documentation is available online. Instructions on how to install Wannier90 on a variety of architectures may be found in the user guide. Quantum ESPRESSO source code is available from the git-hub repository https://github.com/QEF/q-e, and a very detailed web documentation may be found here.

Building and Testing

For generating the PDF file for the solution booklet one has to navigate to the doc/solution_booklet/ folder and type “make”. This will produce the solution_booklet.pdf file, which contains the compiled text. You will need pdflatex and bibtex to be installed.