Purpose of Module

OpenQubit is a patch to the LocConQubit module which extends the capabilities of the latter module with functionalities to generate control pulses in a more realistic systems with dissipating effects. The module incorporates the Lindblad master equation into the system propagator upon which the Local Control Theory generates a control pulse. For more information on LocConQubit module and Local Control Theory see LocConQubit.

Applications of the Module

Application of the OpenQubit module can be found at this link.


Before applying the patch LocConQubit code has to be installed and tested. For the installation and testing of LocConQubit code see the corresponding documentation. Git has to be also installed. The OpenQubit patch should be downloaded from the repository and made available to insert it into the directory containing the LocConQubit module. In the directory containing the branch with the LocConQubit module the installation of the OpenQubit is performed by applying the OpenQubit patch. It is advised to make a new branch from the master branch first. The installation should be made by following these instructions:

(Check that you are on the QC master branch,
 e.g. command 'git status' should display master in output)

git checkout -b OpenLCTCode

(Download the OpenQubit.patch file here directly or
 copy it from a directory containing the previous download:)
 cp [Directory containing the OpenQubit.patch file]/OpenQubit.patch .

git apply OpenQubit.patch

Special care should be taken when patching the test_5.pkl binary file. If the above operation fails due to problems with patching a binary file, the file can be separately downloaded from the patch source code webpage and inserted into the reference_data subdirectory.


The application of the OpenQubit patch should be verified by executing the LocConQubit module standard test, which is performed by executing the command below in the same directory containing all of the OpenQubit module files


where python is an alias for a Python 3.5 version interpreter or higher. The test executes five LocConQubit standard test and an additional OpenQubit test (test_5.pkl). Unit tests are sequentially executed and all must pass successfully in order to use the OpenQubit module.

Source Code

The OpenQubit patch is located at: This same link contains the test_5.pkl binary file for download.

Source Code Documentation

The source code is accompanied with sphinx documentation located in sub-directory ./doc. Instruction for sphinx installation can be found here. The html documentation files can be obtained by executing the following command in the ./doc sub-directory

cd ./doc

make html

The generated documentation is located in the ./doc/_build/html/index.html.