ALL Voronoi Mesh Method

A Load-Balancing Library (ALL) library aims to provide an easy and portable way to include dynamic domain-based load balancing into particle based simulation codes. The library is developed in the Simulation Laboratory Molecular Systems of the Juelich Supercomputing Centre at Forschungszentrum Juelich.

Purpose of Module

This module provides an additional method to the ALL library, up-to-date descriptions of the methods in the library can be found in the ALL README file.

Similar to the topological mesh method (ALL Unstructured Mesh Method), the Voronoi mesh method computes a force, based on work differences. In contrast to the topological mesh method, the force acts on a Voronoi point rather than a vertex, i.e. a point defining a Voronoi cell, which describes the domain. Consequently, the number of neighbors is not a conserved quantity, i.e. the topology may change over time. ALL uses the Voro++ library published by the Lawrance Berkeley Laboratory for the generation of the Voronoi mesh.

Source Code

The implementation of the method in ALL can be found in ALL_Voronoi.hpp.

The source code to the ALL library is available as a git repository at . To obtain a copy of the repository you can use

git clone

However, please note that the source code is currently under embargo until an associated paper is published, if you would like to be obtain a copy of the code, please contact Prof. Godehard Sutmann at